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The Michigan Activity Pass was renewed for another year on May 24, 2021! Beginning May 1, 2021 MAP passes are available for 13 Metroparks locations! Enjoy a free day of fun at Delhi, Dexter-Huron, Hudson Mills, Huron Meadows, Indian Springs, Kensington, Lake Erie, Lake St. Clair, Lower Huron, Oakwoods, Stony Creek, Willow, or Wolcott Mill Metroparks! WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO USE A MOBILE VS. A PRINTED PASS, to abide by any restrictions our MAP partner destinations have in place, and to ALWAYS CHECK THE PARTNER DESTINATION'S WEBSITE AND/OR FACEBOOK PAGE for the latest information before visiting. WELCOME BACK TO MAP! Also, MAP welcomes back Midwest Miniatures Museum, which will re-open in its new Grand Haven home on November 6!

2021.03.18 ~ 8:00 PM